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Lieutenant JG Morgan Faye

Name Morgan Faye

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Planet of Origin Earth
Age 30
Birth Date 02/21/2358
Location of Quarters Deck 12B
Player (for PNPCs) Delon Tovan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Morgan is often seen in her uniform with her brunette hair pulled back in a pony tail. She is slightly on the short side standing only at five feet and two inches and also slightly petite weighing in around 110 pounds but her smaller frame shouldn’t be under estimated. She has eyes that match the color of her hair and light skin.


Father James Faye
Mother Esther Faye

Personality & Traits

General Overview Morgan considers herself to be a very fortunate person. She is in a sense living her dream. While all other girls at a young age were dreaming of being a princess and playing in fantasy land with ponies and such. Morgan was dreaming of running around the galaxy in her own ship chasing bad guys and exploring her uncharted systems.

She is an easy going person that knows how to have a good time and pretty much can get along with anyone. She enjoys meeting new people and visiting new places. But she is also a very dedicated Starfleet officer that plans on staying in Starfleet for rest of her life. She is in it for the long run.

She is somewhat of a tomboy that enjoys getting her hands dirty and diving in the middle of the problem. However, over the years she has started to develop a more feminine side and when she really wants to she can clean up really nice.

Morgan is an intelligent woman that knows what she wants and goes after it. She has set goals in her life and plans on meeting them all. Not only if she book smart and can get her hands dirty she is also very handy in hand to hand combat. And is pretty good with a pistol and rifle.

A strong willed person that believes that she can do anything once she puts her mind too. At times she can be stubborn but she also isn’t stupid and knows when its time to give up. She hates to lose but sometimes you need to lose a battle in order to win the war.
Strengths & Weaknesses Morgan’s dedication is one of her key strengths. She believes she can do anything once she puts her mind to it. She has the intelligence to go with her dedication which makes her a very valuable asset. She posses leadership ability even if she is afraid of public speaking. She can talk just fine in a small group of people but once all the eyes in the room are on her she gets nervous.

She is short and petite which can be a disadvantage but she knows how to handle herself in a fight even for her smaller body frame. She knows how to handle many different types of weapons.
Ambitions Morgan is a career Starfleet officer with many things that she would like to accomplish before she is forced to retire due to her aging body. She would like to become Captain by the time she is 45 and receive her own science vessel. She wants to make contact with as many species as possible and learn about them. She also wants to write a book or two about her travels and different adventures that she lives. At some point in time she would consider starting a family but that isn’t high on her priority list.
Hobbies & Interests Morgan is a strong believer that you need to try everything at least once in the life. It is because of this that there are far too many things that she has interest in and enjoys doing. One bad thing is that she never has enough time to do everything she would like to do. But when she does have a few moments here and there she enjoys playing sports anywhere from softball to soccer and volleyball. She is also a very strong swimmer and a rock climber.

She is also an outgoing person. She is a bit of a social bird that likes to talk to new people and learn their story. She can sometimes get a bit out of hand once she has had a few drinks so doesn’t drink as often.

The holodeck is also her friend. She likes going to the holodeck because it allows her to visit many different places and also play out different plays and novels. She reads on an occasion and writes a bit.
Languages Standard Federation; Bajoran

Personal History Morgan was born on Earth in 2358; however her stay on the plane wasn’t very long. Both of her parents were Starfleet officers. Her father James was a Lieutenant serving aboard the USS Avalon as an engineering officer. Her mother Esther was a science officer serving aboard the same vessel as her father.

Morgan was born into a family of Starfleet officers and since she was a little girl she knew that she was going to be one as well when she grew up. She wasn’t sure of what exactly she wanted to do but she knew she was going to be in Starfleet.

As a young girl her parents start to teach her about different things both in the engineering field and also in the science field hoping that it would help her out down the line when she decided on what she wanted to do. When Morgan was 13 years of age her parents transferred closer to Earth and began working on the Jupiter Station but that only lasted for two years. A war broke out and her parents were needed on a ship.

Morgan moved to Earth to live with her cousins who she barely knew. It was hard for her at first so she pushed herself into her books and began reading anything she can get her hands on. It was mostly tech manuals that she had received from her dad.

The war ended a year before she was to graduate from high school. Her parents wanted her to go with them on a ship again but she refused and stayed on Earth to finish her last year of high school. Right after high school she enlisted in Starfleet Academy. In 2380 she graduated with honors and began serving aboard various vessels.

In 2382, she took a leave of absence from the Starfleet in order to care for her father who had fallen ill. She was away for three years. During that time her father had passed away and her mother retired from Starfleet. She had lost some time and was dedicated to catch up with the rest of her classmates. When she returned she worked hard and received a promotion. When a position on the Calypso became open she put in for a transfer hoping for some stability in her career and hopefully some promotions as well.
Education 2376 - 2377: Starfleet Academy - Year One
2377 - 2378: Starfleet Academy - Year Two
2378 - 2379: Starfleet Academy - Year Three
2379 - 2380: Starfleet Academy - Year Four
Service Record 2380 - 2382: USS Lancelot - Operations Officer - Ensign
2382 - 2385: Leave of Absence
2385 - 2387: USS Arthur - Operations Officer - Ensign/ Lt. JG
2387 - Present: USS Calypso - Assistant Chief Operations Officer