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Lieutenant JG Jerreck O'Connor

Name Jerreck Dram O'Connor

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Betazed, 1/2 Human
Planet of Origin Risa
Age 36
Birth Date January 4th, 2351
Location of Quarters Deck 9A

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 174
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Tan
Physical Description Like many others who live on Risa, Jerreck's got 'tall, dark and handsome' down pat. He works out on occasion, so his muscle build is a little above average. His half-Betazoid background means that he is a ranged empath, with very limited telepathy - he can only engage with receptive individuals, usually only able to make a connection with a single person. He's also seems like he's got a glint in his eye.
Accent Risan, influenced by Betazoid


Children He certainly hopes there aren't any!
Father Arthur O'Connor, Dr. of Anthropology
Mother Clea Rivan, M.S.
Brother(s) Marcus O'Connor, Marine PO2
Other Family Cousins, grandparents, the like. Mostly on Luna or Betazed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jerry, as he prefers to be called, considers himself a man's man. Because of his background, and his own insecurities, he's a little too eager to jump into relationships with women, even ones he serves with. He's spent a lot of time in educational institutions, and as a result, has several post-grad degrees and Associates' in linguistics and philosophy. The last of these degrees was taken for one very simple reason; the female to male ratio in the classes was much higher in philosophy classes than others. His doctorate, however, is in the field of Astrophysics. He's highly intelligent but has difficulty focusing (a point which has caused great consternation to his superiors).
Strengths & Weaknesses Jerry likes to be socially active. When on campus both on Risa and at Starfleet Academy, he was in student organizations.

Otherwise, he is highly intelligent and a fast learner; but tries to hide this through pretending to a 'playboy' persona. He'll often fall into a more outstated version of that when directly probed about his past - especially the huge range his scientific knowledge has taken. If he gets over this 'shyness' and difficulty with regard to mental focus, though, he could be one of the best Science officers in the Fleet. He also has a problem with regard to 'showing his work', blurting out a solution to a problem without being able (or willing) to adequately explain why that's the solution.

He's very introverted, insecure and scared of injury - both physical and emotional. He's scared of being emotionally vulnerable, as a result most of his relationships are physical.
Ambitions Right now, he really is focused on the 'live for the moment' thing, with a focus on his career and education.
Hobbies & Interests When asked, his standard reply is that he enjoys good meals (both making and eating them), long walks on the beach, and talking.

The truth is a little different. He's tried his hand at various musical instruments, and keeps trying in spite of failure. He's miserable at anything with strings, whether bowed or not, but inexplicably keeps on trying. He likes playing drums, but only on the Holodeck, and only when he's alone, because he is insecure.

And he's tried out skydiving on the Holodeck, because his fear of injury means he will never have the courage to try it in real life.

Jerry spends far too much time keeping up with the latest peer-reviewed scientific journals. Unfortunately, that means he sometimes doesn't dedicate time to what he's supposed to be doing, even while on duty. The one exception to this is when his subordinates and fellow crew might be in danger.
Languages English, basic Betazoid (what his mother taught him when he was young), tlhIngan Hol, Rihannsu, Vulcan, and a smattering of phrases in other languages.

Personal History Jerry's parents were both intelligent and academically active. While he was young, they gave him a great many enrichment exercises hidden in 'games'. This provided a strong educational base and helped him pick up knowledge quickly.

When he was a teenager, his rebellious phase led to him becoming even more stereotypically "Risan" than his parents were, enjoying the company of a great many people, while somehow simultaneously astounding his science teachers with high grades.

During this phase, he had a great many brief relationships with girls who were on vacation and leave from various places. Because of the nature of these relationships, he's since mostly centered on physical relationships with very limited emotional content. The few relationships he did have ended up leaving him even more introverted and insecure around other people.

He was recommended to the best schools (as well as Starfleet), but didn't really take the time for them, preferring to stay in his comfort zone, which has slowly grown. He joined the Fleet later, while finishing up a degree, a few years ago. He finished his Doctorate with a presentation on a quantum subspace phenomenon he encountered in the wild that had never before been cataloged, though occasionally noted.
Education Degrees of varying levels in astrophysics, subspace astrophysics, linguistics, and philosophy.

His only doctorate, however, is in the field of Astrophysics. This was issued from the Andorian Academy of Sciences.

The Baccalaureate and Associate's degrees are all from the Federation University at Risa.
Service Record Mostly clean. Written up for slovenly appearance and late arrival to first class. NJP for fraternization while on-duty. He's fixed up on duty since then, most of the time.