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Lieutenant JG Tychu Seylvin

Name Tychu Seylvin

Position Flight Control Officer

Second Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Elaysian
Planet of Origin Gemworld
Age 24
Location of Quarters Deck 4, Section 6 inner ring

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color deep green
Skin Color light tan
Physical Description Tychu has a rather bulky build for an Elaysian, which in normal terms means he doesn't look nearly as slight as other members of his homeworld. Like most of his species he has the requisite facial ridges and soft features, not marred by any scarring or notable blemishes. In fact in the purest natural physical sense Tychu is rather unremarkable for a starfleet officer, though he is slightly more muscular than the norm. However, his fitness is more due to the uniqueness of his situation regarding his most notable and artificial physical feature.

Since he is of a low-gravity species, Tychu has made multiple personal sacrifices to become a starfleet officer, but undergoing a treatment which would have rendered him unable to return home was too much to bear. Instead he opted for an experimental procedure, one that so far has been a clincial success but brings its own personal tribulations.

Every moving joint on Tychos body, from the atlas of his neck and his jaw all the way down to his toes and everything else in between has a small attachment point surgically fastened to it in such a position that they can stimulate the nerves running through them. These attachment points protrude through his skin as small locking diodes. These Diodes in turn interact with an advanced exoskeleton that when activated interacts with the attachment points and emits a low-resonance structural integrity field that bolsters his muscles and skeleton, acting as a larger framework to support his low-gravity musculature.

The exoskeleton itself is small enough to be worn under a standard issue starfleet uniform, with only the neck jaw and hand components readily visible, and because they run of the natural electric field that his body produces none of the components need to be recharged or have batteries installed. However the overall effect creates a strange visage, and it would be a lie to say that the arrangement was comfortable all the time. However given the alternatives Tychu is pleased with the results so far.


Spouse None
Wedding Date None
Children None
Father Asoc
Mother Kalveria
Brother(s) Bohlin, Sevral
Sister(s) Neeka

Personality & Traits

General Overview Considering what he's had to give up and how much effort it has taken him to get to the point that he is, Tychu seems almost single-minded driven to prove his worth at any point. If there is a special project or duty to be done no matter how boring our outside of his realm of expertise Tychu will volunteer for it, and will relentlessly keep on top of it until it is completed. He also has a penchant for reviewing operational and historical documents related to his duty and attempting to memorize every detail. In short, he is very duty-driven and goal minded, possessing an inner will that belies his relatively diminutive stature.

That's not to say he is completely carrer-focused however, that drive simply translates to his leisure time. Once in awhile this results in minor damage to his prostheses, but so far its only served to temporarily slow him down and slightly alter his approach to liesure time. However it has also given him the idea that he doesn't constantly need to prove that he is more capable than the general profile of his species belies.
Strengths & Weaknesses As mentioned before, Tychu is rather career and results-driven, and that sort of need to prove himself has given him a wider range of experience and knowledge than most flight control specialists typically experience, especially at his young age. Often times this wide breadth of knowledge can come in handy for a wide variety of problems ranging from technical to diplomatic. That drive also gives him an unparalleled sense of commitment and drive, the kind that it sometimes takes years to foster in Marine infantrymen.

As a helmsman, like other more "natural" flight control officers he uses some of his natural instincts as a low-gravity species to his advantage. However his biggest strength comes not from his natural talents but his absorption of raw data and knowledge and his growing ability to disseminate it and filter it through his own filter as an officer. Initial exams and practice flights revealed a strong parallel instinct in his control, adapting previously unused or unconventional maneuvers into new contexts and situations, often coming up with unique solutions that other cadets weren't able to pick up on. In fact he holds the record in his graduating class for the longest period of time of survival in the Kobyashi Maru exercise.

However that drive to be the best initially came at a cost of potential friendships and alliances down the road, a trait that he still struggles with. His assumption that everybody sees the Elaysians in the same weak light that some individuals vocally assert sometimes taints his own conversations before realizing that no malice was intended from the other person.
Additionally, despite his obvious prowess and intellect he is still very young and subsequently mistake-prone despite his voracious studies, although time and experience under the right hands could quickly subdue this trait.
Ambitions Tychu isn't content with simply being considered among the most elite helmsman in starfleet, he is fully intent on commanding his own ship, and the sooner the better. However he also has made it abundantly clear that when he receives his first command it will be purely on his merits as an officer rather than any sort of political clout whatsoever.
Hobbies & Interests Even for an Elaysian Tychu is a gifted zero-gravity athlete, so it should be no surprise that he excels at low and zero gravity sports, combining gymnastic evasiveness with surprising quickness and kinesthetic awareness. This means while he is rarely the biggest and baddest player in any game, he frequently is a top scorer due to these traits and abilities. Combined with his competitiveness, Tychu is usually found smack in the middle of any sort of competition if not outright leading it.

His willingness to try new things and experience new sensations also has lent itself to him having a wide range of hobbies, everything from Vulcan meditation to an sport-fighting offshoot of the Andorian Ushann duel.

Most surprising however is his love of a wide variety of art from various cultures, stemming from his personal belief that one can discern a lot about a culture through it's artwork, and the more varied the better.
Languages Elaysian native language, standard, some Vulcan Tellarite Andorian and Denobulan, key Klingon phrases

Personal History Until he was approximately 9 years old, Tychu Seylvin was as average as a child could get on Gemworld, the homeworld of, among other species, the Elaysians. That all changed with the arrival of a starfleet vessel that he was fortunate to witness up close while in transit with his family aboard an interplanetary liner. From that moment forward he decided that one day he would be the captain of one of those great vessels, and there was no force on any planet that would stop him.

It took a little convincing but his family did agree to help him in any way they could, and combined with his own ambition along with some help from his closest friends and a handful of supportive teachers he was able to graduate in the top one percent of his primary education class and move on to advanced studies, where he again was single-mindedly driven to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. While he waited for Starfleets response to his multiple applications to the academy, he continued his education at the Carbisi Upper Studies Facility, learning about the galaxy through Exobiology.

After two years his ambition was rewarded with an admission to the Academy, but despite strengthening exercises and training with the standard exoskeleton he was unprepared for the physical toll extra gravity would place on his body. His sudden lack of physical ability conspired to take some of the wind out of his proverbial sails. He was seriously contemplating resigning from the academy when he was approached by Dr. Lowell Sevitz from Starfleet Medical. He had been reviewing cadet files to find suitable volunteers for his project, a combined endo and exoskeleton system that would not only help low-gravity species like him more readily adapt to higher-gravity environments but also pave the way for a new generation of mobility-restoration techniques for para and quadriplegics.

It took him less than a day to accept the Doctors offer, and though the procedure was painful and fraught with a long recovery and adaptation time Tychu's determination helped him to not only a speedy recovery but to graduate in the top quarter of his class. That drive and determination carried him through flight school and won him recognition from his peers and his instructors, and subsequently resulted in a favorable posting aboard a front-line ship, the newly commissioned USS Calypso.
Education Carbisi Upper Studies Facility- Exobiology

Starfleet Academy- Flight Control and Navigation
Service Record Starfleet Academy- Cadet

USS Calypso- Flight Control Officer