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Chief Warrant Officer Wendell Gavin

Name Wendell Tyrus Gavin

Position Marine

Second Position Support Craft Pilot

Rank Chief Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Planet of Origin Berengaria VII
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9''
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color medium brown
Skin Color caucasian.
Physical Description Wendel is a man who has partially accepted that he is in fact getting old, although like any good marine he intends to put up the best fight he possibly can.

His aging is evident on his face and head, where lines have started to form and his hair has not only gone completely gray but started to thin on top, although the latter is rarely seen due to his near constant wearing of some sort of cover when regulations permit.
Aside from the natural lines on his face that come from age and stress Wendel does have a small scar along his jawline on the left side, one of two souvenirs from the Federation-Klingon war.
Additionally from the right angle his nose can sometimes appear to be flatter than normal due to high cheekbones and slightly enlarged nares.

At is age Wendel has gone soft in certain areas despite his best efforts, but despite the conspiracy of age and its work on his metabolism he continues to rigorusly exercise, and in fact frequently leads the Marines in morning PT drills.


Spouse None
Wedding Date None
Children Seegiv Morris Gavin, Kav-Tur Landis Gavin D.V.M (twin 1/2 orion 1/2 human sons, 25)
Father Thomas Randall Gavin, 78
Mother Rosalita Seph Esperanza-Gavin, 74
Brother(s) Chief Warrant Officer William Baxter Gavin (51)
Sister(s) Esperanza Marie Gavin (22, deceased)
Other Family "Willy the Wimp" (Weeper plant)

Personality & Traits

General Overview First and foremost Wendel is a committed and gung-ho marine, something he has been ever since he passed through basic training on Terra Nova. With that comes the subsequent grit, determination, esprit de corps and loyalty people associate with the best Marines. His devotion to the ideas and values of the Corps and the Federation is never questionable or shaky, nor is his resolve to defend those ideals even beyond his last breath if its possible.
However, Wendel does not blindly follow orders because he is a Marine, at the core of his being he believes that to be a Marine is to represent the best that the Corps has to offer, and that means thinking for yourself while following just orders.

Above all he will never compromise himself or the corps for any sort of personal gain, no matter how tempting the offer might be.
Strengths & Weaknesses A lifetime in the Corps and in various roles within the Corps has given Wendel a breadth of experience and training much wider than the typical jarhead. At various points in his career he has been an infantryman, quartermaster, combat engineer, requisitions clerk, scout, and support craft pilot. This gives him unique perspective on most situations and has had the effect of training him to think in lateral and unconventional ways when faced with a difficult situation.

Taking his role as a Marine to heart, Wendel is the epitome of "high speed" in Marine terminology. He will fight side by side with his fellow marines and urge them forward to the best of his ability, and the worse the position the more determined and ferocious he becomes. While not the greatest marksman in the known galaxy, Wendel frequently practices with both energy and ballistic weapons that he would potentially use in the course of combat, and frequently attends various martial arts classes in addition to the standard Marine CQC combat courses.

As a pilot Wendel uses a combination of experience and doctrine to accomplish his mission. Frequently he has seen less aggressive pilots get killed through backing off or not carrying enough speed into a critical hot zone, and the backlash of not having marines on the ground to prevent a position from being overrun. Consequently his biggest strength is expediency and stubbornness, resulting in remarkably quick drop and recovery times. This also applies to him when he is in a close fire support position, often times lingering on station after all of his munitions are used before adequente replacement units are in position. More than once this has resulted in severe damage to the craft he was controlling and headaches for any support staff that has to do the repairs, along with any commander that would chafe at that sort of damage being inflicted on a craft.

Therin lies his biggest weakness: His low tolerance for any marines who are less gung-ho than he is. He frequently chafes with non-combat commanders as well as subordinate Marines who appear to be more lackidasical in their approach to being a Marine than he does. More than once he has raised his voice to try and drive a point home, although in his defense he firmly believes that every Marine should be a combat specialist before anything else, lest that martial edge that makes the Marines hardened and forged in the first place be lost.
Ambitions Having had a wide variety of experience and having learned many things through costly trial and error, at this stage in his career Wendel seeks to impart his wisdom, expertise, and experience on the next generation of Marines before he retires.
By his tally if even one Marine is saved because of his instruction, then that in itself is a victory.
Hobbies & Interests In spite of his high-speed nature, Wendel prefers to use his downtime to relax and unwind with a variety of surprising pasttimes. Unlike his brother who, admittedly "would kill even a synthetic plant just by looking at it", Wendel is an accomplished horticulturalist and can be found in the Botany Bay when not in his quarters tending to his own weeper plant, amusingly named"Willie the Wimp".

Another hobby Wendel indulges in is Cross-Country Skiing, something he's done since before he could walk. While it isn't his first choice he will participate in alpine skiing as well, provided the slopes aren't too extreme and heart-exploding.
Languages Federation Standard, some Vulcan and Tellarite, plenty of Klingon Cardassian and Vorta curses.

Personal History Known as a universally gung-ho marine, Wendel never intended to join starfleet in the first place. Born on Berengaria VII into a farming family as the middle child, it was actually his brother William's dream to join the Corps in the first place. Wendel by contrast was happy to farm the land and grow various crops as his father had done and his father before him.
However, life had a different plan for him. One evening his sister overdosed on a particularly psychoatctive version of a local natural hallucinogenic plant called gar weed. The culprit was her current boyfriend, a known drug user and lothario was the prime suspect. Despite his family's pleading Wendel went to confront the man, which resulted in a large brawl at his domicile.

When it was all said and done Wendel stood over the other mans body, stabbed in the back by a broken-off stem of a carbon-infused-glass bottle. It took a week to determine that it was an accidental stabbing, but due to the mans family being particularly well-connected politically Wendel was advised to leave the planet at the earliest possible convenience. At that point William was due to leave for Terra Nova to begin his training and after some convincing and data manipulation along with his recruiter, Wendel was listed under a different name that had recently verbally resigned his intent to become a marine.

Terra Nova was especially rough on Wendel considering it was all so sudden, but the farmboy quickly adapted and not only survived but thrived nearly as well as his brother, earning a promotion alongside his brother to corporal in boot camp and retaining it through graduation.

Unlike his brother Wendel had no interest in a purely combat role in the Corps, so at first he was assigned as a desk clerk for a rear-echelon space to surface task group. However he quickly tired of the continual PADD work and applied to Combat Engineers School, rationalizing that if the exciting roles were all related to combat in the Corps then he might as well build things as well as destroy them if he was going up front.

After graduating in the top echelon of his Combat Engineers class he was re-assigned to the USS Devonshire. The Devonshire was tasked with routing out a particularly dug-in cell of Maquis resistance fighters on some far-flung rock full of caves caves and caverns. Though he detested having to shoot at people who were once Federation citiziens they gave him little choice when they opened fire first. It was there that his hard-charging nature came out, something his superior officers noted and considered along with his adaptive combat prowess and success in field when reccomending him for promotion.

However the composite unit he was assigned to was quickly dissolved and its Marines were rolled into frontline combat units, for the Federation-Klingon War had arrived right after combat operations in the badlands ceased. Once again Wendel proved himself time and again as a combat engineer and as a leader in the capacity of increasing sergeant ranks, but during the fighting he made up his mind that he wanted to become a dropship pilot, especially after witnessing both bold maneuvers and timid failed withdrawls from pilots multiple times.

Eventually hostilities ceased, and his request to attend Warrant Officers School was granted, by that point he had further evolved into a high-speed marine, learning to love the Corps and realizing that his position wasn't punishment but an opporotunity to actually stand for something, as cliched as that sounded.

During his studies at Warrant Officers School a pair of half Orion and half Human boys came to him, and it didn't take him long to realize that they were his sons, the result of a one night tryst with an Orion woman. Rather than be taken aback Wendel took them in and did the best he could with the time he had left. Though the journey was rocky at the start, Wendel eventually convinced them that he loved them as his father loved him and his brother, and through that hard work he instilled the values that made him the man he was.

After graduating from Warrant Officers School then Support Craft Operations school in short order, Wendel had little time to relax before the Dominion War broke out. In his new capacity he served all over the Alpha and Beta quadrants with a variety of units, sustaining injuries and loosing friends and colleagues but also gaining respect and admiration from those he served with or supported.

At the conclusion of the war Wendel considered retiring, but stayed on to impart his knowledge to younger marines and help preserve the fragile peace, something that was abruptly shattered when the Borg invaded. The ship he was on was in fact boarded by Borg Drones, and the fighting devolved into vicious hand-to-hand combat, but in the end the Marines were once again triumphant and Wendel realized that more than ever good Marines were needed to hold the line and to set a good example for new Marines coming in, a real example of what one needed to learn and to do to not only survive but to bolster others around you.

Seeking to impart his learned experience onto younger marines, he requested and was granted a transfer back to Terra Nova's Advanced Infantry combat school where he was made assistant chief training instructor for the dropship section of training. However within a month he was promoted in rank and position due to the primary instructor suddenly using up all of his leave time and making it separation leave. Though he did his best, Wendel quickly realized that his methods and wisdom weren't consistent with the sylabus that the school commanders had in mind, and after securing a solid replacement he accepted a transfer back out to the front lines, this time into Theta Fleet and into Starbase Typhon to await a new posting.
Education Marine Recruit Training Depot- Terra Nova

Advanced Infantry Combat School- Terra Nova

Combat Engineers School- Earth

Royal Military College/Warrant Officers Program- Earth

Support Craft Operations Basic Training- Jupiter Station
Service Record 132nd Marine Space to Surface Task Group- File Clerk (Corporal)

014th Marine Combat Engineers Battalion- Sapper/ Combat Engineer (Corporal)

808th Marine Regiment- Combat Engineer (Corporal/Sergeant)

012th Marine Expeditionary Unit- Combat Engineer (Staff Sergeant/Gunnery Sergeant)

1842nd Marine Composite Task Force- Support Craft Pilot (Warrant Officer)

011th Marine Special Maneuvers Unit- Quartermaster, officially (Warrant Officer/Staff Warrant Officer)

703rd Marine Space to Surface Task Group- Support Craft Pilot (Staff Warrant Officer/Master Warrant Officer)

Advanced Infantry Combat School- Assistaint Chief/Chief support craft operations combat instructor (Master Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer)