Deck Listing

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Deck 1

Main Bridge
Captain's Ready Room
Observation Lounge
Emergency Turbolift

Deck 2

Executive Officer's Office
Chief Operations Officer's Office
Chief Communications Officer's office
Chief Strategic Operations Officer's Office
Security Station
Weapons storage vault

Deck 3

Diplomatic Reception Area
VIP guest Quarters
Chief Diplomat's Office
Ambassadorial Lounge
Large Conference Room
Executive Dining Room
ExecutiveOfficer's Quarters
Senior OFficer's Quarters

Deck 4

Main Shuttle bay
Fighter Bay
Shuttle Repair Unit
Cargo Bays 1-6
Cargo Bay Transporters
Ships Stores
Hangar Bays 1-3
Primary Communications Array
Flight Control Office
Pappy's Place bar & grill
Pilot's Training Facility
Flight Simulator
Pilot Quarters

Deck 5

Guest Quarters
Emergency Medical Unit
Security training
Weapons practice Range
Chief Security Officer's Office
Interrogation and Detention
Crime Lab
Chief Intelligence Officer's Office
Intel Crypt

Deck 6

Guest Quarters
Emergency Medical Units
Water recycling Facility 1
Personnel Transporter Rooms 1-4
Main Dorsal Saucer Phaser Array
Steam locomotive and tracks. (Passenger car, sleeper car, flatbed, and caboose)
Primary Computer Core (6-8) (No access from this deck)

Deck 7

Obstacle Course
Ropes Course
Zaphod's Bar & Bistro
Crew Quarters
Conference Room 2
Primary Computer Core (6-8) (No access from this deck)

Deck 8

A- Saucer Section
Crews Quarters
Primary Computer Core (6-8)
Primary and Secondary Computer Monitor Room
Computer Core Access
B- Engineering Hull
Battle Bridge
Emergency Transporter
Weapons storage vault
Computer and Equipment storage bays

Deck 9

A- Saucer Section
Captain's Quarters
Senior Officer's Quarters
Forward Arboretum (9-11)
Life Support and Environmental Control 1
Emergency Supply Storage
Secondary Dorsal Saucer Phaser Array
B- Engineering Hull
Interim deuterium Supply
Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 1

Deck 10

A- Saucer Section
Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters
Cousteau's Grotto
Forward Arboretum (9-11)
Saucer Impulse Engines
Holodeck 5
Science labs
Escape Pods
Emergency Batteries
Phaser Bank Systems
B- Engineering Hull
Secondary Communications Array.
Security Station

Deck 11

A- Saucer Section
Primary SIF Generators
Primary IDF Generators
Holodecks 1-4
Forward Arboretum (9-11)
Attached Personnel/Colony Quarters
Saucer Impulse Engines
Child care center
Primary School
Secondary School
Ships Stores.
B- Engineering Hull
Life Support and Environmental Control 2
Docking Latch Manual Control Room

Deck 12

A- Saucer Section
Sickbay 1-2
Medical Transporter
Physical Therapy Center
Med Lab 1-4
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Medical Supply Storage
Counseling Center
Chief Counselor's Office
Behavioral Science Lab
Psychology Containment Unit
Holographic simulator Rooms 1-5
Main Ventral Saucer Phaser Array
Life Support
B- Engineering Hull
Sickbay 3
Med Lab 5 and 6
Holographic simulator Rooms 6-10
Crew Quarters
Biological Research Lab

Deck 13

A- Saucer Section
Water Recycling Facility 2
Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 2
Crew Quarters
B- Engineering Hull
Life Support and Environmental Control 3
Shuttlebays 2
Shuttlebay 3 (Marine transports/Shuttles)
Cargo Bay 7-8
Cargo Bay 9-10 (Marines)
Cargo Transporter
Crew Quarters
Shuttlebay Support

Deck 14

A- Saucer Section
Deck 14 is the Marine Deck
Physical Training Facility (Gym)
Mess Hall 1
Firing Range
Tactical Holodecks1-2
Recreational Holosuites 1-4
Marine CO's Office
Marine XO's Office
Assembly Area (Parade Ground)
B- Engineering Hull
Personal Transporter rooms 7-8
Marine Barracks
First Sergeant's Office
Tactical Holodeck 3
Recreational Holosuites 5-6
Mess Hall 2
Conference Room

Deck 15

A- Saucer Section
Particle Lab
Geology Lab
Biology Labs 1-2
Main Science Lab
Chief Science Officer's Office
Archaeology Lab
Sociology Department.
Davy Jones' Locker Pub
Sensor Maintenance
B- Engineering Hull
Aft Arboretum (upper level)
Hazardous Material Storage
Containment Lab suites 1 & 2.

Deck 16

A- Saucer Section
Plant Sciences Department
Captain's Yacht
Botany Lab
Geology Lab
Large Particle Labs
Chemistry Labs 1-2
arge Conference Room
B- Engineering Hull
Aft Arboretum (lower level)
Cetacean Lab 1 & 2
Science Labs
Docking Port
Maintenance Center

Deck 17

Hydroponics Lab and Gardens
Astrophysics (Stellar Cartography)
Soils Testing Lab
Specimen and DNA Lab
DNA storage Facility
Containment Unit 4
Zoology Lab
Containment Unit 3
Auxiliary Sickbay
Crew Quarters

Deck 18

Public replicators
Engineering Hardware Replicators
Cargo Bays
Crew Quarters

Deck 19

Fabricating shop
Large Conference Room
Crews Quarters

Deck 20

Ships Stores
Power Distribution
Crew Quarters
Secondary Computer Core (20-22)

Deck 21

Life Support
Environmental Control 4
Crew Quarters
Secondary Computer Core (20-22)

Deck 22

Helm Training
Educational center
Adult Classrooms
Crew Quarters
Engineering Support Labs
Secondary Computer Core (20-22)
The Nautilus lounge

Deck 23

Main Impulse Engines
Engine Control Room
Impulse System Controls

Deck 24

Water Recycling Facility 3
Life Support and Environmental Controls 5

Deck 25

Forward Torpedo Launcher
Torpedo Storage
Torpedo Bay
Torpedo Modification
Computer Research Lab
Engineering Support
Dorsal Docking Port

Deck 26

Phaser Training Range, Chief Security Office, Brig

Deck 27

Deuterium Storage Tanks
Deuterium Fuel Pumps and Fill Ports
Beauty Salon

Deck 28

Deuterium Storage Tanks
Secondary Hardware Replicators

Deck 29

Deuterium Storage Tanks

Deck 30

Auxiliary Computer Systems Monitor Room
Auxiliary computer Core Access
Deuterium Injectors

Deck 31

Engineering Parts and Equipment Storage
Turbolift Control and Repair Department
Deuterium Injection Reactors

Deck 32

Secondary SIF Generators
Secondary Astrophysics Lab
Materials Testing Lab
Deuterium Injection Subsystem
Auxiliary Crew Quaerters

Deck 33

Holographic simulation rooms 11-20
Attached Personnel/colony Quarters
Secondary IDF Generators
Deuterium Injection Subsystem

Deck 34

Solid Waste Reprocessing Facility 3
Graviton deflector Generators
Secondary Replicator Systems Control
Life Support and Environmental Control 6

Deck 35

Aft Torpedo Launcher
Torpedo Storage Facility
Torpedo Assembly Room
Attached personnel/colony Quarters

Deck 36

Main Engineering
Chief Engineers Office
Matter/Antimatter Reaction Control Monitor Room
Dilithium Crystal Chamber
Dilithium Chamber Hatch
Power Transfer Conduits
Droid Maintenance
Engineering Labs
Weapons Locker
Security Station
Transporter Room 9
Secondary Ventral Stardrive Section Phaser Arrays
Conference Room

Deck 37

Sensor Analysis Labs
Sensor Instrument bays
Emergency Food Rations Storage
Antiproton Injection Subsystem
Environmental Support
Waste Management

Deck 38

Cargo bays
Emergency Personnel Transporter 1
Hazardous Material Storage and Containment

Deck 39

Cargo bay 4, Emergency Personnel Transporter 2. Emergency Power Facility

Deck 40

Backup Antimatter Pod Storage
Emergency Personnel Transporter 3
Antimatter Injectors

Deck 41

Antimatter Storage Pods
Antimatter Generator

Deck 42

Antimatter Fill Port
Antimatter Chamber
Tractor Beam Emitter
Hitchhiker's Guide
Milliways restaurant