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The U.S.S. Calypso is named after the ship used by Jacques Yves Cousteau for most of his underwater explorations.
The Cousteau was originally a WWII mine sweeper re-purposed by Cousteau and his team. The ship crashed in the 1990s and over a decade later was restored and became an "ambassador for the seas and oceans. "

Jacques Cousteau was a scientist, an undersea technician, and a pioneer of undersea exploration. His achievements in exploration, innovation, education and preservation embody the spirit of the United Federation of Planets.
The character of Jean Luc Picard was patterned after Cousteau.

The U.S.S. Calypso underwent a major re-fit at Utopia Planitia and was selected to incorporate a few new improvements for the crew: Larger personnel compartments, additional science lab space for research, including a specimen and DNA facility. In the engineering department additional space has been provided for large-scale replication of parts and equipment, enabling station repair, overhaul and planetary building structures. Security and Tactical have a crime lab, tactical range and additional confinement areas. Medical and counseling are expanding with a physiology addition and a behavioral containment unit. All surgery units have been updated with new equipment. Our Marines upgraded to their own cargo bay, a new gym and holodeck for maneuvers and training. In addition ships moral has been addressed to include a university-level education center, career training unit and an upscale restaurant and Lounge "Ten Forward" This vessel shall be the test bed for many new projects, and we hope you enjoy your time spent here with us.


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