Pulling Together

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When Lieutenant T'Pral goes into premature Pon Farr, the Calypso heads to Vulcan for shore leave and minor repairs. However, things don't go as planned when protestors set off an IED and one of the crew gets hurt.

No Contact

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The Calypso follows a strange radiation signal to a planet peopled with a pre-warp civilization. The crew must find the cause of the radiation and stop it before the entire sector is made uninhabitable and do it without violating the Prime Directive.

Prelude: Blowing away the Cobwebs

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The Orion sits docked at Jupiter Station undergoing refit, and taking on a new crew before returning to her old stomping ground in Obsidian Fleet.

The Devils Snare

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After leaving the safety of the Sol System and Jupiter Station, The Orion is nearing the 9th fleet patrol zone, when she picks up a faint distress signal. With only a skeletal crew and ships systems only operating at back-up levels, The Captain attempts to summon another Starfleet ship to no avail so the only option is to go it alone...

A New Home

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The Orion's change of orders sees it arrive at Starbase Typhon for repairs, some shore leave and to drop off the spoils from her first mission.

What Lies Beneath?

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One week ago, a cargo freighter carrying miners and mining equipment departed for Tiberius IV, a desert planet said to be rich in dilithium and decalithium. All communications ceased shortly after the ship entered the atmosphere. There is no sign of the freighter on the planet. No sign of debris indicating a crash. Nothing.

A team was dispatched from Starbase Typhon to investigate the disappearance. They, too, are missing.

Now it falls to the Orion, on leave at the Starbase, to go to Tiberius IV and find out what happened to the two ships. Could something lurk beneath the shifting sands of the unexplored planet? And can the crew of the Orion find the answers before they, too, are lost forever?


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The crew leaves the Orion for the Calypso.

Peace, or Something Like It

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The Calypso receives orders to go to Turkana IV to help a group calling themselves The Union broker peace between two warring factions.

However, things are not as they seem. The crew must uncover the planet's secrets before they become the target of dark forces.

The Forests of Mythraeli

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While exploring a remote section of the galaxy, the Calypso discovers a moon covered in thick forest. Everything looks idyllic, until the away team disappears without a trace.

Shades of Gray

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Ravaged by a planet-wide plague, Michnar VII is further besieged by gangs stealing what few resources are available, and using them as leverage to control the government.
In desperation, the rulers petition Starfleet to bring Medicine and supplies, and oversee their disbursement. However, once the USS Calypso arrives, they find that the situation is not as cut and dried as it would appear. Completing their mission will require finesse, diplomacy and a lot of luck.

The Race for the Lost Treasure

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While on shore leave, the Captain uncovers a forgotten map to an ancient civilization buried deep in a library's archives. Intrigued, she takes the ship on a quest to find the lost world. But the crew soon learns they are not alone. A band of pirates has also discovered the map and plans to beat the Calypso to the world to loot its treasures.

Can the Calypso get to the planet first and protect whatever treasure awaits them from the privateers? Or will they end up buried and forgotten like the civilization they seek?


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27 days ago the crew of the U.S.S. Calypso woke up imprisoned in an underground mining camp. Conditions are brutal. Supplies are scarce. And women are a rare commodity.
Scattered throughout the prison, they must find each other -- and their lost ship -- before time and their taskmasters make freedom beyond their reach.

The Enemy Within: Lying in Wait

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Tiberius IV, desert planet, has swallowed untold numbers of ships over the years. Its sand is as fine as air and impenetrable to sensor scans. When the Columbia is sabotaged and crashes on the planet, it’s up to the Calypso to rescue them before the crew is lost beneath the powdery sea.
However, while the ship races to the rescue, an old enemy lies in wait; the discovery of which will have ripples that impact not only Theta Fleet, but the entire Federation.

A Pirate's Life

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A special celebration on the holodeck takes an unexpected turn when the Royal Navy shows up with guns blazing: the program won't end and the doors won't open. To make things worse, the Captain and crew are the pirates!

Join "Kate the Cursed" and the crew of the Calypso on a swashbuckling adventure as they use their wits to avoid the hangman's noose.

What Dreams May Come?

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Something is causing the crew to have nightmares. Night after night, people line up in sickbay seeking relief. Day after day, their performance on duty suffers. People are getting sick and falling asleep at their post.
The crew must find -- and fix -- the problem before the nightmare becomes reality.

Tabula Rasa

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The planet is paradise: lush tropical vegetation, clean white sand beaches, plenty of food and water. It would be perfect, if the crew knew who they were and how they got there. But with no memory of anything, how will they survive? And how will they get back to the Calypso?


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One by one, members of the crew disappear from the ship and appear in a prison where they're forced to fight to survive. Win, you live. Lose, you die.
It's up to the remaining crew to find their lost members before there's no one left to save.

Deadly Diplomacy

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For centuries, Octurius Prime and Paneria Seven have been at war. But now, at long last, the two factions want peace. They've called in the Federation to assist in the process and ensure a fair and impartial treaty.
But when the Calypso arrives and one of the delegates is killed, the crew must solve the murder before they find themselves in the middle of a new war.

Falling Star

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Captain Stryfe of the Intel ship Nightstar has gone rogue. For months, Lieutenant Damion Wolfe has set the stage for his inglorious fall from grace so that he can go after his former friend and reclaim the Nightstar.

Can Wolfe, and his unintentional sidekick Ronnie, defeat Stryfe and bring peace back to their part of the galaxy?

Of Gods and Men

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An odd technological signature on a planet with a primitive culture draws the Calypso to investigate. But when the landing party runs afoul of the planet's 'god,' it becomes a case of rescue, 'convert' or die.

Point of View

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The Calypso begins to experience odd, recurring problems. First one part of the ship doesn't work, then another begins to act strangely. There is no pattern, no obvious cause. Is Morat, a cunning nemesis, behind the recent problems, or is someone -- or something -- more insidious at fault? It all depends on your point of view.

Shadow Dance

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Jenefra has been a peaceful planet for centuries, but a war with the Qunari threatens not only that peace, but the fate of the entire planet. The Calypso must uncover the truth without getting caught up in a shadow dance that involves mystery, intrigue, and murder.