Specifications - Type XI

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Summary for the Type XI Shuttle.


Class Type XI Shuttle
Duration 20 years
Time Between Refits 0 years
Time Between Resupply 0 years
Class Description The type XI shuttle was designed along the type IX as part of Starfleet's recent move to provide starships with fast warp-capable shuttlecraft able to perform missions several light years away from their mothership. The design was created on Jupiter Station and was set up to allow modular production on starships, just like the type IX.

The type XI is more sophisticated, though, and uses more advanced technology than the type IX. Bio-neural gel packs have been included as standard, a step up from the type IX computer system which offers the gel packs as an upgrade only. Other technology incorporated is mostly centred around the warp core and nacelles, which allow the type XI to have a greater speed than the type IX but with a somewhat smaller power plant.

Found on:
Excalibur Class Battleship
Nebula Class Heavy Cruiser
Galaxy Class Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior (Lakota Subtype) Class Heavy Cruiser
Excelsior Class Light Cruiser
Sovereign Class Battleship
Ambassador Class Cruiser
Akira Class Fleet Carrier
Steamrunner Class Light Cruiser
Prometheus Class Heavy Cruiser
Cheyenne Class Destroyer
Olympic Class Hospital Ship


Length 14.64m
Width 7.26m
Height 4.5m
Decks 1


Officers 2
Civilians 10


Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 6.6
Emergency Speed Warp 7 (for 3 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Light Shielding System
Weapon Systems Type V Phaser Bank: 3
Torpedo Compliment Micro Torpedo Launcher: 2
Micro Quantum Torpedo: 20
Micro Photon Torpedo: 40