Video with Max

Posted on Sat Sep 5th, 2009 @ 10:07pm by Commander John Sheridan

I got home early after the first watch was over, And Max was eager to tell me how his day went. Our hosts Gordon And Donna Hatcher were out so we hit a interesting food stand in an Agoura area. We ate and Max described all the different Races he had seen since they had been on Jupiter Station... There were many, some he was actually frightened of. John was surprised he was handling it as well as he was. But that was Max, open minded for a child, a gift from his Mother. Max looks more like me than Delores, except his skin is a bit darker. And if he keeps eating those Space Pup's he' gonna be twice as big as me....

Got back to the room and watched some vid's. I fell asleep with the lights on, I woke up and The space Pups had knocked Max out. Got Max put down and I wasn't far behind him.