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Home time with Max

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2009 @ 2:51am by Commander John Sheridan

Today I spent with Max, did a bit of shopping and found a nice place to eat at the Agoura on Jupiter station, We'll be gone from here soon and I thought it a good idea to get Max out in the last bastion of the the civil world he may see for a while. I wasn't sure how he would take being stuck on a ship for a prolonged period of time... his grand parents were livid with rage at the mere mention of taking him along. It was always a danger, with all the Federation ships being lost the last year they were very concerned. I wouldn't let anything happen to him and if it did it would happen to both of us and it didn't matter then...

In Washington we had grown very close and neither one of us could or would leave the other. He was very protective of me and still is. Max is bonding well with his teacher Ms. Landy and talks about her often, even going as far as asking if I could call her and ask her to join us... I told him he would have plenty of time with her when we left out from Jupiter Station.


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