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A new assignment with familiar headaches.

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2010 @ 8:46pm by Lieutenant Kaj Mikkola

Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant JG Kaj Mikkolas personal log:

Well the re-assignment is complete. After a long ride aboard a Danube with some helm jockey that never learned exactly how to use the maneuvering thrusters, I made it to the USS Orion, and boy what a looker she is. Ive always said that the Galaxies are the best looking ships in the fleet as well as being the most responsive, especially considering how big they are.

Getting settled in has been its usual hassle aboard a new ship, but its to be expected. Thankfully all the navigators here are experienced and tempered, so no jittery rookies to contend with this time. In fact the entire crew has seen more than a bit of action, which is both good and bad. Hopefully they'll put up with the new guy, so for future reference i'll try not to do anything too deviant with the impulse engines and thrusters until everybody gets familiar with me.

The ship must have taken a righteous pounding before I got here, even as I make this entry there are still repair crews scrambling all over the place. Normally that would be a minor inconvenience, but somebody had to go and monkey with the helm displays. I know engineers have to run diagnostics but could they at least have the common decency to at least re-set the layout to default? Now ill have to re-program my own settings on the console, and given just how screwed it was im guessing that everybody else will have to do the same.
Another headache is the damn launch bay. Ill have to talk with the skipper and the tactical officer about this at the earliest convenience but somebody just crammed all the support craft in there without any thought to tactical staging or fast egress.

Still, it could be worse, the helm control could be spotty or unresponsive like that pair of Anubis class ships that tried to kill us all at Utopia by shutting down helm control at high warp. Besides, I'm not Chief Helm Control Officer for nothing, and its my job to make sure all of that gets taken care of.

Unfortunately this has to be a short entry, the skipper called an officers briefing that starts in 5 and given the amount of overhaul and repairs being done I may or may not have to use a jeffries tube to get there on time.
So in short, new crew, new ship, new assignment, and yet the lead-up always is the same


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