Naga specs

Created by Commodore Samantha York on Fri May 7th, 2010 @ 10:57am

Naga class

Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Personnel: 24
Crew: 4
Passenger: 20

Speed: Impulse engines/hovercraft

Length: 15 meters
Height: 3.5 meters
Width: 7 meters
Decks: 0

Defensive System
Ablative Shielding
Heavy Shields

Type U+ Micros-Pulse Phasers: 3
(one front-mounted with a camera)
Type V Array (wing mounts): 2 
Mark 17 Missile Launcher: 4
Side-mounted SAWs: 2 (gunners needed)

Designed to be smaller, faster, stronger and more maneuverable than a hopper, the Naga was designed to work as an armored transport/recon vessel. It can get in and out of tight situations where hostile forces are involved.

Heavy shields allow for safer travel from a starship to a planet (or from one part of a planet to another) and can get a group of Marines safely to or from their destination.

Two gunners are needed for the side-mounted SAWs.

Impulse engines are retractable. The Naga has the latest in ECWs and is meant to run silent and not be picked up by scanners.

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