Crew Quarters System

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Starfleet believes that providing comfortable living quarters to all crew and attached personnel to be of primary importance. Indeed, living accommodations are one of the most visible displays of Starf leet's commitment to caring for its single most important "system," its people.

Each person aboard the Calypso is assigned approximately 110 square meters of personal living quarters space. These accommodations typically include a bedroom, living/ work area, and a small bathroom. Families may request that their living quarters be combined to create a single larger dwelling. Living quarters decks are designed to be modular with movable walls to permit reconfiguration for such requests as crew load and structure change.

Other amenities available include food synthesizer terminals, sonic showers, standard showers, null-grav sleeping chambers, personal holographic viewers, and provisions for pets.

Individuals assigned to the Calypso for periods more than six months are permitted to reconfigure their quarters within hardware, mass, and volume limits. Individuals assigned for shorter periods are generally restricted to standard quarters configurations.

The Calypso in extended mission mode includes several large areas on Decks 9 and11 that are configured and maintained as living quarters, but are normally unoccupied. These areas are held in reserve to allow the Calypso to absorb large numbers of mission specialists or other guest and attached personnel (in various short-term mission configurations, use of these quarters can increase the ship's complement to as many as 4,200 individuals). These accommodations are in addition to normal guest and VIP accommodations.

Guest quarters on Decks 5 and 6 are convertible on short notice for medical extensive care use. These quarters include utility hookups for biomed telemetry and medical gases. Stored within these quarters are conversion kits providing necessary hardware and medical supplies. Lounge areas at corridor junctions can be converted to nursing stations.

Approximately 10% of all individual living quarters are equipped for immediate conversion to Class H, K, and L environmental conditions. An additional 2% of living quarters can be adapted to Class N and N(2) environments. Vehiclewide adaptation to Class H, K, or L environmental conditions can be made by replacement of life support system modules during a major starbase layover.

*Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual

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