Ship Locator System

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Ship Locator System

The first group of two digits refers to the deck number. Possible values within the Primary Hull range from 01 (Deck 1, the Main Bridge) to 16 (the captain's yacht docking port on the underside of the saucer). Within the Engineering Hull, deck numbers range from 08 (the at the top of the dorsal plain) to 30 (Deck 30, the bottom of the Engineering Hull). The second group of four digits specifies the sector and compartment number. For locations within the Primary Hull, the first two digits of this group refer to one of 36 ten-degree sectors

For locations within the Engineering Hull, the first digit of this group is always a 5, with the second digit designating one often sectors. A first digit of 6 indicates a location within the port warp nacelle or pylon, and a first digit of 7 indicates a location within the starboard warp nacelle or pylon. The third and fourth digits in this second group indicate the compartment or station number within the sector.

Note that the first and second group of the locator address (totaling six digits) are generally used as room designator numbers within the habitable volume of the spacecraft. By keeping in mind this general scheme of room and compartment numbering, it is possible for crew members to locate virtually any room on board the ship by use of the internal coordinate system.

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