Star Trek Medicine G-K

Created by Commodore Samantha York on Thu May 20th, 2010 @ 11:33pm

Genericillin: A powerful general purpose antibiotic.

Hexadrin: Medication used in the treatment of Yarim Fel syndrome.

Hydrocortilene: Analgesic medicine used to alleviate pain.

Hypercoagulin: Stops bleeding very quickly. This is unnecessary when using Anabolic Protoplasers, although a version of this drug for localized use on wounds in the field may exist.

Hyperzine: Cardiac stimulant.

Hyronalyn: This medication protects against radiation sickness. One dose halves the effective amount of radiation received, and a second dose further halves that, and so on. Each dosage beyond the first risks Hyronalyn poisoning, which could lead to permanent damage.

Hyvroxilated Quint-ethyl Metacetamine: Anesthetic potion.

Immunosuppressant: Any of several drugs designed to limit immune response in humanoids.

Impedrezene: Cardiac medication.

Improvoline: Medicine used as a calmative.

Inaprovaline: A cardio-stimulatory drug that can also be used to stabilize a weak but living patient's condition.

Inpedrezine: Drug that is sometimes administered to humanoid patients following cranial trauma.

Kayolane: This drug causes immediate unconsciousness and the patient will remain asleep for 1-6 hours.

Kelotane: Drug used to treat burns.

Ketracel-white: An addictive isogenic enzyme also known simply as white, a drug used by the Dominion to control the Jem'Hadar.