Star Trek Medicine L-Q

Created by Commodore Samantha York on Thu May 20th, 2010 @ 11:35pm

Leporazine: A general resuscitative.

Lexorin: A neurotransmitter inhibitor. This drug temporarily diminishes intelegence, but each dose also makes psychic and psionic intrusions harder. Lexorin can also calm excited or agitated patients. In greater dosages than 3 in 24 hours, the patient also begins to lose manual dexterity, as the Central Nervous System begins to lose control of voluntary functions. Lexorin is mildly addictive, and causes the patient to feel overconfident and happy.

Masiform D: Powerful injectable stimulant.

Melorazine: This drug causes immediate unconsciousness. The patient will remain asleep for 3-8 hours.

Memory Blockers: These are used to permanently block specific memories in a patient. This is useful if a patient has seen something unpleasant, or has been exposed to information that may violate the Prime Directive.

Memory-Beta: This drug stimulates the users memory. It allows the user to attempt to remember something that has been forgotten. Metorapan treatments Regenerative treatment for fracture patients.

Metrazine: Cardiac anti-arrhythmic. See Benjisidrine for guidelines.

Morathial: A general resuscitative.

Morphazine: Puts patients into deep, dreamless sleep for 3-18 hours.

Mylar II: With reconstructive surgery it is possible to conceal a person's true race. However reconstructive surgery on an entire platoon or company is not always an option time or facilities wise. The drug, Mylar II, causes the top layers of skin and flesh to become more pliable. Thus with Mylar II injections a human could easily appear to be a Romulan or Vulcan. There is a limit to what these injections can do with a person. A Mylar II Cardassian would take a few hours, be quite painful and require the use of some prostectics. None of these disguises will fool a medical tricorder or a very detailed inspection. These disguises may also require some form of makeup to be complete.

Neural paralyzer: Medication that can cause a cessation of heartbeat and breathing in a humanoid patient, creating the appearance of death.

Neurovine: This drug is an antidote for nerve poison.

Norep: Medication, a derivative of norepinephrine.

Polyadrenaline: Synthetic pharmaceutical based on the humanoid hormone epinephrine. Purge This drug cleanses the user's systems of foreign biochemicals, and neutralizes active drugs (including recreational drugs and alcohol) within minutes.