Star Trek Medicine R-Z

Created by Commodore Samantha York on Thu May 20th, 2010 @ 11:37pm

Renistarine: A sedative developed by the Elorg to render a patient unconscious. The drug also served as a psychotropic agent, and was frequently used on prisoners during interrogations and medical experiments.

Rricordrazine: A potent stimulant derived from cordrazine, commonly used for resuscitation. The drug is extremely powerful; 25cc's is enough to kill a Klingon.

Triptacederine: An anesthetic commonly used aboard Federation starships to alleviate pain.

Unefrazine: A veterinary medication used to treat Livathi flu in cats and dogs.

Valanine: A drug commonly used to treat depression.

Verethandramide: A rare, occasionally lethal neural toxin. It is sometimes used by the Elorg as a means to covertly assassinate a rival.

Vertazine: Medication in use aboard Federation starships, often prescribed to treat vertigo and other forms of dizziness.

Zetarynhaphine: A drug used to stabilize neural pathways and prevent synaptic failure after brain surgery.